Sunday, December 13, 2015

Driving Without a Speedometer - It's Harder Than it Sounds!

I've been driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for the last eight or nine years. It has over 200,000 miles on it but it's still going strong - with a few exceptions - including the speedometer.

For a couple of years I've had an intermittent problem with the speedometer. It randomly quits working.  It's such a weird feeling to look down at the speedometer and see zero!  If I'm  driving in traffic, it's not too big of a problem (as long as everyone isn't speeding!).  But if no one else is on the road, it's nearly impossible to tell if I'm going the right speed. 

The funny thing is, usually when I'm driving, I instinctively know how fast to drive. When I look down at my speedometer, I'm usually in the ballpark. But when my speedometer isn't working and there aren't any other cars, I suddenly don't have a clue if I'm going the right speed or not. 

But then as fast as the speedometer  quit, it's working again and I breathe a sigh of relief - until the next time!!!

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