Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Garage Door Disasters

Garages are a real blessing but garage doors can be a big pain!

  • Sometimes we push the wrong button because we're used to pushing the other one and the garage door is open all night or most of the day.  Oops.
  • Sometimes we can't remember if we closed it so we have to come back to make sure.
  • Sometimes it doesn't shut because of all the dumb leaves that blow against it and get in the way of the sensors.  Then we have to get out of the car, move the leaves and try again.
  • Sometimes we think it's open and start to back out only to discover that it was closed.
  • Sometimes we open it and back out too fast and discover that it isn't up all the way yet.
  • Sometimes we drive away assuming it shut but not realizing that at the last minute it came back up.

And the last one is what happened this morning.  I was snug as a bug in a rug in my warm comfy bed when David left for work. I don't usually hear the garage door but this time I did.  I heard it go up, then down, and then UP AGAIN.  Wait - that's not supposed to happen.  I waited a few minutes in case David opened it because he forgot something.  Nope.  It never went back down.  But because I sleep so hard in the morning, I wasn't sure if it was really open or if I just missed one.  

So . . . I debated with myself.  

"Should I go down and check?"
"No.  It's probably closed. It always is when you check."
"But what if it isn't closed?"

And like always, I got up and checked.  IT WAS OPEN!

I pushed the button and the door went down, down, down and then back up.  Even though I was in my jammies (not appropriate for neighborhood viewing), I went to the open door (discreetly) and checked for leaves that might be blocking the sensors.  I didn't see any but brushed a few things out of the way.  And tried again.  Nope - it still wouldn't shut.  

Now I was getting irritated.  I headed back for the garage door when I heard a car coming.  Oops.  No, this wasn't going to work.  My jammies were not appropriate attire for working in full view of the neighborhood.  So I went back upstairs and got my robe and glasses (I can't see anything without my glasses anyway).  I still didn't see anything that could be preventing the door from closing.  I tried calling David. but of course, he didn't answer.  Finally I checked the sensors and noticed one of them was off its base.  I messed with it a few minutes and finally got it back in place.

I went back to the closer button, held my breath, crossed my fingers, said a prayer. and with fear and trepidation pushed the button.  IT WORKED!!!  Yay, me!!!  I fixed it.

Then I crawled back into my nice, warm bed for some quality time with iPhone since I definitely wasn't going to be able to go back to sleep!


1.  Never assume the door will close. Always wait until it is closed before leaving - all the way. Almost all the way isn't good enough.

2.  After it closes, say out loud to yourself, "The garage door is closed." That will prevent you from having to come back to see if you remembered to close it.


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