Saturday, December 26, 2015

How I Got Lucy

After my black lab, Shelby, died, my daughter-in-law, Ashley, started making calls to try to find a golden retriever or chocolate lab puppy for me. Unfortunately they were all way too much for my budget.

She was talking to one breeder of chocolate labs and said: "I'm just looking for a family dog. We're not going to show it or breed it.  My mother-in-law just lost her black lab and she needs a family dog."

The breeder said: "Well, I do have this one lab puppy who has a curl in her tail. I haven't told anyone about her because I was waiting for the right person."
I was the right person and that's how I got Lucy. She has a curl in her tail, probably from a tail mishap, which disqualified her from being shown and possibly bred. The curl didn't bother me and it reduced her price to within my budget. 

As corny as this may sound, I believe God planned her for me. And when I'm dealing with all her extreme puppy behavior, I just remind myself that God put her in my life. For some reason, she needed me and I needed her. 

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