Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Love My Jeep

Snow can be a real problem if you live in a hilly neighborhood and drive a car that barely gets around in rain and doesn't get around in snow at all. 

That was the case about 10 years ago when David and I first moved into our last home. None of our cars could get in and out of the neighborhood very easily when it snowed.

My Mazda Protege tried but just couldn't do it.  I had to drive down to the bottom of the hill, turn around and then make a run for it up the hill. Sometimes it worked onthe first try but usually it took two or three. 

After a very snowy first year of fighting the snow, we sold the Protege and got a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Four wheel drive. Oh, my. I was in heaven. My snow covered, hilly street was no longer an issue. I could go anywhere, anytime! Well, I could have if my Jeep had been available to me. When it snowed, my husband left his 2-wheel drive truck at home and took my Jeep. Because my Jeep was so awesome!!!

I've had my Jeep about nine years - the longest I've ever driven one car.  Even though she's showing her age, I have no desire to trade her in. I love the way she looks and drives. I love the Jeep logo, the cool front grill and the big, beautiful chunky tires. 
My Jeep is a 1995 with 212,000 miles. Actually, she probably has more. Sometimes the speedometer doesn't work so any miles I drive while the speedometer is taking a break don't show up. 
In addition to the temperamental speedometer, the radio doesn't work. The automatic door locks only partially work. The driver's door has a crack in the arm rest. Sometimes she idles really rough. And the intermittent wipers don't work. 

I don't know why, but none of that bothers me. Well, except the locks. I wish those worked. But I still love my Jeep. She has served me well. And the truth is, Jeeps are cool!
Do you love your car? What kind do you have?


  1. I don't love my car, though it is certainly very practical. I have a Mazda 5, a sort of small minivan, which is great for hauling stuff (or people, or dogs) around. It is a stick shift, I will not drive automatic!

    For many, many years I drove a series of old Saab 900s. I had a 1979 red two-door with a sunroof, followed by a brown (!) 1980 four-door hatchback with wonderful red velour upholstery, then a 1991 four door sedan which I drove for about 12 years. I loved those cars so much. Comfortable, solid, individual, very safe, very good in snow... They were very expensive to run, parts were absurdly expensive. I often think about buying another one, but they are getting so old now (they stopped making that model in 1993) and so many are very worn out or very rusty or both. Really nice ones are getting expensive, I guess they have become collector cars? The Mazda is more practical in every way but is just not cool like those old Saabs were.

    1. I'm familiar with the Mazda 5.

      I love a stick shift, too, and my Mazda Protege was a stick. I really enjoyed driving it but the rest of my family hated it.

      I agree that the old cars are cooler. They had so much style and class. Same with old houses. New cars and new houses just don't have the character that the old ones had - unless you can spend a lot of money.

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