Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Puppies Are Funny!

If you don't know me, you might not know that:

1.  My life is a three-ring circus; and
2.  That I am easily entertained.

Last night my chocolate lab puppy stole something that didn't belong to her (nothing new about that!). It was a pocket hand sanitizer holder that my grandson had been playing with. I chased her down and attempted to retrieve it from her mouth but I couldn't find it. Apparently she dropped it somewhere between Calvin's room and the point where I finally tackled her. She didn't know where it was either so as soon as I released her, she retraced her steps to try to find it. It was MIA. 

A few minutes ago I took her outside to potty. She started to do her business and I saw something weird coming out. It was white and long and skinny. Then I saw something red and I realized it was the hand sanitizer holder. I nearly wet my pants laughing. 

What cracked me up the most was knowing she swallowed it yesterday and didn't even know she did. She was just as confused as I was about where it went. 

My puppy is a huge amount of trouble but she's seriously entertaining and I needed a good laugh today!


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    1. Thanks. I was't sure I should share it since it was gross!