Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Why Do I Always Get the Yellow Plate?

Several years ago I ditched my matching set of dishes for something a little more eclectic. My plan was to have all solid colored dishes of different types and sizes.  I thought it would make the dinner table interesting and fun.  But the biggest and best reason was that if we broke any of the pieces (which we frequently do), we wouldn't have to buy a whole new set of dishes - we could just get something solid colored and we'd be just fine.

I haven't ended up with different sizes and types but I do have solid colored plates and bowls I bought at Wal-mart.  And they all match - just what I didn't want.  Oh, well.  The Wal-mart matching dishes are still more interesting and colorful and easier to replace.

Here's the thing.  I bought a variety of colors including yellow, orange, teal, blue, green and red. But nearly every time I reach for a plate for myself, the yellow plate is on top. I don't like the yellow plate.  I don't have anything against yellow - I just don't like the way my food looks on it.  Sometimes I switch with one of the other plates in the stack but mostly I just deal with the yellow.  What I want to know, though, is why do I always get the yellow plate???

Maybe it's time for something bad to happen to the yellow plate!  Shhh - don't tell anyone I said that.

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