Monday, January 11, 2016

Life With Lucy - an Update

Lucy turned four months old on Saturday, January 9th.  I actually thought she was more like 4-1/2 months but I looked up her birthday and she's just now four months.

She's been a terror up to this point . . . oh, wait . . . she still is!  I have seen a tiny bit of improvement but not enough to make me glad I got her. We're still battling:

  • House cleaning. I can pretty much clean only if she's confined.  She adores the sweeper, the broom, the mop, the feather duster, the spray bottles - EVERYTHING.
  • Decorating.  The few knick knacks I have are either put away or put up high. Unfortunately she's getting bigger so she's figuring out how to reach those "up high" places.  This morning I walked into the dining room and saw her trying to get something off the top of the bookshelf between the dining room and living room.  I couldn't believe she could reach that high and then I realized she was standing on the chair on the other side of the bookcase.  
  • Laundry.  She adores fabric and will do anything to get it.  This morning I was walking through the living room with a full laundry basket.  She ran over to the wicker basket under the tv and pulled it onto the floor.  I dropped the laundry basket, ran over to save the wicker basket and its contents and couldn't believe my eyes when she zipped around me, stole something out of the laundry basket and took off running.  Seriously!  She tricked me!  

  • Cooking.  She thinks the kitchen counter tops are the very best place ever!  There's all kinds of wonderful things up there and she's just about tall enough to reach ALL of it.  Trying to cook with her in the room is a nightmare.  Sometimes I let her stay and I try to convince her to keep her feet on the floor! Other times I put her in her kennel because I'm just not in the mood.

  • Planning.  I can't even write in my planner without her assistance.  She loves paper and pens and leather.  She got one of my binders and put a few teeth marks in it.  She tried to get another one but I retrieved it in time.  When I'm sitting on the couch trying to plan my day, she tries to bite the pen and steal the planner.  If she's not doing that, she's resting her head on my pages. Who can plan under those conditions?!

But there are a few positives:
  • She does really well in her kennel.  She's quiet at night and in the morning and even during the day during rest time or time out.
  • Potty training isn't a done deal yet but she's having a lot fewer accidents.
  • She's biting us less and her teeth aren't quite as sharp.
  • She eats well.
  • She's cute.
  • She sits still once in a while.

The good news is that she's going to puppy school starting this Wednesday.  I've never done this before so I'm a little nervous but a lot excited.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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