Friday, January 22, 2016

Living in a Flip: Doing Things Twice!

One of the several bad things about living in a "flip", especially one that's done, is having to do things over.

We weren't pleased to discover that one of the panels on the screened porch was severely damaged. My first thought was that the puppy did it.  But after a closer look, I decided it wasn't her. I'm pretty sure it was the coon that lives next door. This isn't the first time the coon has damaged the screen - just never this bad.

I think the coon might have smelled dog food. I've been feeding the puppy outside sometimes and dumping her food on the welcome mat (if I use her bowl, she takes it out into the yard). The welcome mat is right next to the damaged screen. The funny thing is, the porch door is OPEN. All the coon had to do was walk through the open door!!!

So now we have to fix the screen - one of David's least favorite tasks. And in the meantime, I'm not allowed to feed the dog outside anymore.

I want to move NOW - before we have to fix anything else!

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