Thursday, January 14, 2016

Week 1 of Puppy Class

Puppy class was much worse than I expected. The class was good; the teacher was awesome; the location was appropriate. But Lucy was awful. Horrible. Of the five puppies in the class, she was the worst.

While the teacher, Cathy, was trying to tell us about the class and what to expect, Lucy barked, wrestled, wiggled, bugged the dog next to us and tried to bite me.  She finally succeeded in biting me, and when the blood started dripping down my arm, I signaled to David that I needed a kleenex.  He brought me a kleenex and took over while I waited for my arm to stop bleeding.  

That's exactly why I begged him to come with me.  I wasn't sure what to expect and I was worried that Lucy would be too much for me to handle. I was so glad he came with me because I really needed his help.  

During the initial exchange when Lucy was so horrible, my distress must have shown on my face because Cathy reassured me several times that it was okay.  She reminded me that Lucy's a puppy and she's a lab.  She didn't seem bothered at all by Lucy's bad behavior.  Her positive and accepting attitude helped me relax and enjoy the class.

Once we started the actual training, David went back to the sidelines and let me take over.  Lucy was still hard to handle but she did better.  We actually had some success at most of the exercises.

This week we're practicing sitting (she already knows how to do that), sitting between my feet, coming when called, heads up walking, loose leash walking, and a trick of our choice.  Lucy and I had been working on shaking hands and she did me proud at class but demonstrating her ability in front of the group.  

Lucy's only real mishap was when she knocked over the fence between the training area and the visitors.  Unfortunately it was kind of like a domino effect since the fence was made up of multiple panels.  It was really loud and a bit embarrassing.  

All in all class went well once we got started.  It was a very long hour and I was exhausted and sweating by the time we got home but I'm really glad we're doing this. I actually have hope that there's hope for Lucy!

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  1. Based on the puppy classes I took my golden to: Your Lucy WILL NOT be the worst one there for long. Mostly she's a lab so will do lab things. You will see other dogs that don't have that excuse. Please try not to be embarrassed by her antics or knocking things over. I can guarantee next week it will be someone else. And the week after that another dog will have a turn. At least you realize Lucy is exuberant and high maintenance in the energy department. There is nothing worse than an owner seeing their dog acting up and doing absolutely nothing about it. "Hehehehe...isn't that cute?". No. It's not cute.