Tuesday, March 29, 2016

House Hunting is Stressful

I can't decide if I like house hunting or not.  It's fun looking at houses but it's a lot of work finding houses to look at.

Since the housing market has been in its winter slump, I haven't been spending much time looking. But the market is starting to pick up so I've started picking up the pace, too. I've been spending a lot of time looking through the listings and doing drive-by's.

Drive-by's are interesting. You just never really know how the real thing is going to match up to the photos on the website.  Of course, the realtors are trying to get you to look so they make things look as perfect as possible.  But they rarely are - perfect, I mean - at least the ones we're looking at.

And the listings are hardly ever complete or accurate.  I found a house on-line that didn't say how much property it had but it looked like it might have some.  After looking at several different resources, I finally figured out that it had 1.5 acres.  That made it worth looking at.  When we got to the house, we were pretty disappointed.  The property was absolutely gorgeous but the neighborhood and house were awful!!!  We had a good laugh about all the mistakes on the listing sheet, too. For example, the listing said the utilities were in the basement.  But in another section it said there wasn't a basement.  The listing said it had two bedrooms but it actually had three.

We spent about three hours on Sunday driving by a list of houses we found on-line.  Most of the houses weren't really options but we were checking out the neighborhoods to see if they were areas we might like. We found a couple of areas we weren't familiar with that we liked and a couple that we didn't like at all.  And in the process, we gained a little clarity about what we're looking for.

And really, that's the purpose of all the work we're doing right now.  We're looking to see what's out there and how it matches up with what we want.  We're checking out areas to see where we might be happy.  It's a lot of work and a little bit discouraging but a necessary part of the process.

Hopefully we'll get through this phase quickly and be able to actually find a house to buy.  Living is limbo land is not my cup of tea!


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