Saturday, March 19, 2016

I Survived the Flu!

 It's been a tough week-and-a-half due to a mystery illness we're assuming was the respiratory flu. My 5-year-old grandson, Calvin, got it first. Then 6-year-old Ivy got it. And then, of course, it was my turn since I get everything they get!

The symptoms for this mystery illness were vague but severe!

Body aches

I felt worse than I have in a long time and spent most of the week on the couch with occasional bursts of energy that lasted about 5 minutes. 

I finally woke up one morning and felt human again. I went outside and was surprised to see that in my absence spring had arrived. Wow! How did I miss that?!

The next day I woke up and felt even better. I was so energetic that I promptly overdid it and had a tiny relapse. 

But now I think I've truly turned a corner. And so have Calvin and Ivy. My son, Danny, went through it, too, and he's feeling better. My DIL Ashley's at the tail end of it, and so far my husband, David, has avoided it. 

Spring has sprung and I'm alive to enjoy it, no thanks to the flu!!!


  1. I rarely get sick - maybe a little cold every two years, if that - but late January I was hit with a cough accompanied with yucky chest congestion that came out of nowhere. I felt fine everywhere else and had no other symptoms, but this would not go away. Even after a round of antibiotics, cough syrup, chest xray and steroids, the cough (though very mild) is still around. I can't remember the last time something held on this long. But at one point I had to say 'enough' and stop resting and move. Since my lungs were clear in the xray I knew I didn't have pneumonia or bronchitis waiting to sprout, so I resumed working out and walking. Resting and feeling like you're either missing out or letting all of your planned tasks slide gave me too much anxiety that I was unable to truly rest.

    But am waiting for spring (even though were supposed to have some snow here later tonight) and looking forward to starting my first ever container garden. Glad the family is on the road to recovery

    1. Yes! The cough hangs on forever!!! I'm still struggling a bit with mine. Seems like it lasted all winter. But like you said, spring is coming. Let me know how your container garden goes.

  2. Glad to hear your family is getting over that nasty flu thing. Pure misery.