Friday, April 1, 2016

House Hunting Trip #3

Our third trip out with our realtor was interesting but didn't result in finding "the one".  Here's a recap:

House #1.  This house was actually already sold but it was a contingent purchase so we might have been able to get it anyway since our offer wouldn't be contingent. However, it wasn't the one.  The house was an older home with a lot of charm and character.  In fact, I really loved the house and it would have worked for our needs.  But the one acre lot and location were less than desirable.  Two sides of the property were bordered by streets - fairly busy streets - and the other two were bordered by lots of houses!  The view from every window was either a house or road.  And the price for the property was at the top of our budget and the house needed a LOT of work.  So we marked that one off our list.

House #2.  House #2 sold the same day it went on the market so we didn't get to look at it.  However, we drove by it since it was on the same street as another one we were looking at and it wouldn't have worked for us.

House #3.  Well, I don't really know what to say about this one.  The 1.4 acres of property were absolutely gorgeous.  The lot was narrow and deep with a large metal outbuilding (that needed lots of work) at the very back of the property.  There were tons of trees and a neighbor even had a couple of horses.  Seriously - it was gorgeous!!!

But the house was a mess.  It was a two bedroom, one bath house with no basement and no garage. The front living room had a plywood floor.  The hallway to the back of the house was claustrophobically narrow.  The ceilings in the kitchen and tiny dining room were so low that my 6'2" son-in-law would have bumped his head or at least brushed it on the ceiling as he walked through. Surprisingly the bathroom wasn't awful.  Then we discovered more rooms.  The house was larger than we thought.  We walked through another living room, two bedrooms and a large laundry room.

The floor plan of this house made no sense at all.  We haven't had a chance to figure out how or if we could make it work but our initial thought is that the inside would need to be gutted and completely re-configured.

So this wasn't the one but we're not ruling it out yet. And it is well within our budget - at least until we figure out what we'd have to do to make it work for us and how much that would cost.

House #4.  House #4 was a government owned home in the same neighborhood as houses #2 and 3. It had 2.1 acres and was a ranch style house with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two car attached garage and a full basement.

However, the master bedroom was off the kitchen and was a long way from the only main floor bathroom.  There was another bedroom off the kitchen and then two more bedrooms down the hall. The second full bathroom wasn't awesome and it was located in the basement.  Off the kitchen was an octagonal shaped sun room.  David doesn't like odd shaped rooms and I didn't like this one either. Also, the houses on either side were really close and the 2 acres was heavily wooded and currently unusable.  The best thing this house had going for it was the spectacular view from the front of the house.  But that was it.  And it was at the top of our budget.

As we were walking around in the back yard, I started telling our realtor, Matt, what I didn't like about the house.  I interrupted myself and said:  "There's nothing I like about this house."

So that's it for house hunting trip #3. We came home empty handed but tomorrow's a new day.

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