Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Moving Monday #3

The house search continues . . . on and on and on . . .

We looked at two houses last week.  The first was a second look at this one:
We wanted to see if there was any way it would work because it ticked off a lot of our boxes.  But after another look, we decided it wasn't an option.  Our main issues with the house were:

  1. Too small;
  2. Had an upstairs - we're trying to get away from stairs at this point in our lives;
  3. Was on a busy, noisy road. We were there during rush hour and could hear quite a bit of highway noise.
So we walked away.  We knew that a lot of people had looked at it, and sure enough, a few days later, it sold.

We also had a second look at this one:
If you recall, this is the one we made an offer on.  We wanted to look at it again and see how bad we wanted it.  The second look revealed additional areas that needed work and even more after we had an opportunity to talk to the neighbor.  We still haven't decided if we want to up our offer.

Last night we looked at two more houses.  This was the first one: 
This one was a repo and was in horrible shape!  It was on 1.9 heavily wooded acres!  The floor plan was pretty cool and it had three bedrooms and two full baths.  But one of the bedrooms and bathrooms were upstairs.  The property had been broken into at some point.  In fact, there was a handwritten note on the door frame that said:  "Don't bother breaking in. The A-hole before you already took everything."  

The upstairs bedroom and the basement were filled to the gills with junk that would have to be hauled out.  Unfortunately, we're pretty sure you wouldn't be able to get a dumpster into the yard because of the tight driveway.  

Did I mention this house is on a busy road?  We walked away and didn't look back.

The next one was this one:
This house was on 4.6 acres.  The property was very nice but the house wasn't awesome.  In fact, when you walked in the front door, you walked into the very small dining room.  Directly on the right was a teeny tiny kitchen.  To the right of that was a living room.  Back to the left of the front door were three bedrooms that all connected.  There was a very small basement that would have worked as a storm shelter.

A little ways away was a second house.  This one was a two bedroom, one bath home.  It was in pretty rough shape also.  There were several places where the ceiling was falling down and it looked like they only turned the water on when they needed to use it.  

Our realtor said the asking price was fair but we decided we weren't interested. 

So we're back at square one.  Nothing.

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