Friday, July 15, 2016

We're Moving Tomorrow

I'm taking a break from packing to write an update on the house(s).

We put our current home, the fixer upper, on the market May 30th and had an offer the next day.  We closed on it this past week and will be moving out tomorrow.

We closed on the new house several weeks ago and have been working hard getting it in move-in-ready condition.  It will NOT be in move-in condition but we have to do it anyway.  The house had been vacant for at least a year or so and before that was a rental.  It's in pretty rough shape but nothing too horrible and so far no surprises.

In the three weeks we've owned it, David has spent a lot of time over there doing odds and ends to get it ready, including:

  • Removed all the duct work, the old furnace and the old water heater.  He purchased a new furnace, water heater and a/c unit but only the water heater is installed at this point.
  • He removed wallpaper from the front bedroom, living room and dining room.  We haven't official "stripped" it and won't be until later.  The paper was smoke covered so we had to get rid of it ASAP.  
  • He turned a close into a laundry room.
  • He turned the utility room into a small bedroom for our grandson, when he comes over.
  • He cleaned the walls, ceilings and floors (I helped a little).
  • He removed the old carpet and all the tack strips and tacks (I helped with the tacks).
  • He thoroughly cleaned the basement. It was pretty scary!
  • He did something to the bathtub so it wouldn't leak.
  • He closed off a doorway between the front bedroom and the bathroom (that bedroom has another entrance to the bathroom).
  • He closed off a window in our bedroom that looks into the utility room which is now Calvin's bedroom.
And truthfully, I have no idea what else he did over there.  He's been working there and I've been working here.  We're really looking forward to being in the same place and only having one home.

Oh, and at the same time, he was doing some odds and ends at this house to get it ready to turn over to the buyers - like replacing the screened porch screens since the giant brown puppy thought it was fun to systematically remove them all.  And fill all the holes that said giant brown puppy dug in her spare time. And he was trying to earn a living.  He's tired.  Really tired.  We're both tired and looking forward to at least having this part over.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow we move and then we at least get to focus on one house.  And I never want to move again!


  1. Hope your move goes well today. I hope the a/c installation is next on the list because I thought I saw where next week is supposed to be super steamy & hot again. Can't wait to see pictures of the transformation, I'm sure it will be beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Jean. The move went very well. We do have a window unit that does a very good job. I've never had one before so I am a bit worried about the cost - I hear they're more expensive than central air. But we'll have to work it out because I must . . . be . . . cool!!!