Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Month in the New House!

I can't believe we've already been in the new house for a month. Time sure does fly.

And I can't believe I haven't written a blog post letting you know what's in store for the new house.  I'm a little overwhelmed because it needs so much but I'll try to give you a quick overview with more details to come in future posts.

We purchased a 1940's bungalow that's been added on to and modified multiple times. It's about 1250 square feet with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, family room, living room, dining room and utility room.  It has a "full" basement that's only accessible through a trap door in the utility room.  The basement houses the furnace and hot water heater and will be used for storage once we're sure it's dry.

The house is in pretty rough shape.  The walls had (notice I said "had") dated and smoke covered wallpaper.  The family room has a linoleum/tile floor that is filthy and damaged.  The dining room, living room and bedrooms have wood floors that are heavily damaged.  The kitchen has linoleum that's also damaged but not horrible.  The bathroom has linoleum that is also damaged.

The house doesn't have a dishwasher, shower or central air.  We've been using a window unit for air conditioning that actually does a decent job.  David rigged a shower in the bathroom and I've been washing dishes by hand.  That's getting old fast!  For two people we sure dirty a lot of dishes.

The yard is a little over half an acre and unfenced.  We also have a detached two car garage.  We're not in a neighborhood but there's a neighborhood nearby.  It takes about 8 minutes to get to one of two highways.  And we're on a septic system.  Fortunately the system is brand new.  And the sellers installed a new roof on the house and garage before we closed.

Since we purchased the home at the end of June (we didn't move in right away), we've accomplished quite a bit.  For example:

  • Removed all the old ductwork and furnace.  We'll be installing a new furnace and central air.  We're waiting until fall, though.
  • Removed most of the old wallpaper.  The walls are not very pretty right now but they actually look better than they did when we moved in.  And they don't smell.
  • Cleaned the entire house.
  • Thoroughly cleaned the basement- it was awful, too.
  • Removed the window between our bedroom and the utility room.
  • Removed the door between the front bedroom and the bathroom.  The bathroom is a Jack and Jill and is located between the two bedrooms.  To get to it, you have to go through a bedroom.  We're going to close off the doors from the bedrooms to the bathroom, add a hallway and put the door to the hallway in the dining room.
  • Removed old ceiling fans.
  • Removed all carpet and old curtains.
  • Rigged a shower in the bathroom.  Caulked the tub so it wouldn't leak.
  • Installed new shelves in the pantry closet and added a wire rack to the inside of the pantry door.
  • Installed a new stove.
  • Turned a closet into a laundry closet and purchased and installed a stackable washer and dryer. 
  • Removed all plumbing and fixtures from the utility room and turned it into a small bedroom for our grandson.  (The house only had two bedrooms and we needed three.)
  • Installed a fence. Actually the fence isn't done but it's complete enough that Lucy is able to go outside unattended.  
There's probably more - you know how David is - but this is what I remember.  Here are a few photos and I'll provide more in the coming days.

This is the laundry room turned Calvin's room.

Kitchen.  It's not really that small but it doesn't have much cabinet or counter space.  We have a lot of stuff in the pantry.  We also put some metal shelves to the right of the pantry to hold the microwave and other odds and ends.  Other kitchen supplies are stored in a cabinet in the dining room.  And anything that doesn't fit goes to the thrift store.

David removed all the duct work so you can see through all the vents to the basement.  He temporarily put cardboard under most of the vents so our cool air didn't escape to the basement.

This is the family room before we cleaned the floor.  It had a rug down on part of it but the entire floor is disgusting.  We mopped it at least five times so it's a lot better, but still . . .  There are also some stains on the ceiling from a leak.  And there had been a small heater in there that David removed.  It left a hold in the ceiling so David pulled a few tiles out of the closet and put those in the ceiling for a temporary fix.

The wood floors are in really bad shape.  We're tentatively planning to paint them instead of stain and refinish.

Time out for a little fun with one of the grandkids. The pole is from a partial section of fencing that David removed.

Stairs to the basement.

This is the front bedroom.  The drywall door is the door leading into the bathroom.  The new entrance to the bathroom will be into a hallway from the dining room.  We were really glad we removed this door because that wall was the perfect spot for the bed.  Otherwise the bed was going to have to be in front of a window.  By the way, there's no closet in this room so we have to figure something out for that.  But in the meantime, our granddaughter, Ivy, who sleeps in this room when she comes over, is very happy about the missing closet because she thinks closets are scary.

This is the day we were stripping wallpaper.  The ladder is in the dining room.  To the right is the living room.  Straight ahead is the family room.  The kitchen is to the left.

More to come.


  1. Hey, patty! I grew up doing this. We'd buy a house, live in it while we fixed it and sell it 1 to 3 years later. It was certainly anot adventure growing up!
    I love following your posts.
    Are you still doing the homemakers blog? I was looking up planner posts lol. :D
    Have a great day!

    1. I'm not doing homemakersdaily any more. I turned that over to Steph. However, I am going to be doing some homemaking and remodeling posts here. For planning stuff, check out planningwithpatty.com.

      I haven't been doing a lot of posting over the summer but I'm getting back into it now that school has started.