Monday, September 26, 2016

The Family Room is Confused!

The family room is confused.  It doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be.  It has a coat closet, an exterior door, a desk, some comfy furniture and a tv.  It doesn’t know if it’s a family room, an entry or an office!

So we took pity on the confused family room and gave it some much-needed definition.  We divided it into three spaces by adding one wall.  The wall creates a small office space, an entry and a tv room. It may seem crazy to divide a small room into smaller spaces, but sometimes, in a small house, you have to.  And seriously – the wall gives the room the definition it needs.

But, to be sure it was a good idea, we hung a curtain where the proposed wall will be.  Yep – we definitely wanted to install the wall.

After a stop at Home Depot to pick up supplies, David installed one board and did a lot of measuring. The next night he framed the wall.  Currently there’s a closet in the office but that will eventually be removed and replaced with storage more appropriate for an office.  He will also add additional storage in the office area and he’ll add an overhead lighting fixture and an a/c and heating vent.  Because there isn’t a lot of extra space in this room, we decided to go with a pocket door between the office and the rest of the room.  The door will be the door he took off the back of the house.  The door has a glass window at the top (to keep light flowing through the room).

For now, we’ll do the wall and door and then finish the rest this winter.  In case you’re wondering why David took time to do this, it was to keep me sane.  We still have to keep Lucy (our chocolate lab) leashed in the house because she eats everything.  We’ve been trying to give her more freedom but the office is an area she can’t leave alone.  She’s gotten the computer, pens, pencils, post-it notes, a journal, bills, etc.  The dog loves office supplies!  Having this wall will and door will prevent her from being able to go into the office and steal my stuff.  I am SO happy!!!

This is for the pocket door.

Stay tuned for more progress on the office and the effect it has on my sanity!

P.S.  The wall is also because I’m an office slob.  I keep the rest of the house clean but I can’t manage to keep my desk clean.

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