Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bungalow: Furnace Project Underway!

The bungalow had a furnace when we moved in but it was old and the duct work was old, dirty and inefficient.  So the first thing David did was remove the furnace and tear out all the duct work.  He purchased a new furnace immediately but had so many other projects to do to make the house comfortable that he scheduled the furnace installation for later.

And later is now.  We're cutting it close (warmer weather has disappeared and cooler weather is here) but it'll be done before we freeze to death!

I don't exactly know what's happening in the basement but maybe you can figure it out from these photos.

This is the entrance to the basement.  To the right is Calvin's bed (the entrance is a trap door in Calvin's room) and to the left is the kitchen.  The house has a back door leading into the kitchen and another back door leading to Calvin's room and the basement.

The floor of this room is covered with a piece of carpet.  When we need to go to the basement, we roll up the carpet (Calvin's bed is there on the right, under the carpet) and open the trap door.

This is the view going back up the stairs from the basement.

When you first enter the basement, this is the view to the left.

This is also to the left.  That doorway leads to a small room which is under the family room on the east side of the house.  You can also see that metal stacked against the wall - those are pieces of sheet metal for the ducts.

This is the left wall and part of the back wall.

The back wall  which includes a small closet, I guess, in that back right corner.

There's a ledge all around the basement walls and this is what it looks like.

The furnace!

Box number one of duct parts.

Box number two of duct parts.

A week or so later, the parts are turning into something.

And hopefully we'll have a furnace soon because it's getting coooooooold!!!

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