Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bungalow: Furnace Update

Even though it's November 2nd, it still feels a lot like fall.  And I'm grateful since the furnace isn't done yet. We've had a few cold nights and cool days but nothing we couldn't handle.

David's been chipping away at the furnace project and has made a lot of progress.  Take a look:

Ivy's room is done (the front bedroom).

This vent in the living room is done.

This vent in the dining room is done.  

This vent between the dining room and family room will be going away!

The thermostat is installed but not operational yet.  It's currently behind the towels in the bathroom.  Don't worry - it's not staying there.  We've going to re-configure the bathroom to include a hallway and the thermostat will go there.

This vent in the breakfast area has been cut but isn't finished yet.  Over the weekend we had to cover it with wood so our grandson didn't keep throwing things down it.  He thought that was a blast.

This vent is in the kitchen and it's done.

This vent smack in the middle of the kitchen will be going away.
There are several vents left to do, including two in the family room.  David's saving those for last because they'll be the hardest.  The family room is an addition and there's a small basement area under it (where the porch used to be).  David will have to go in that room and then crawl under the house to do the two family room vents.  Fortunately he's not claustrophobic but he doesn't like doing it.  His standard practice when going in crawl spaces has been to wear coveralls and carry a stick for knocking down spider webs.

But the good news is that we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel and the weather is cooperating beautifully!


  1. You wouldn't be allowed to install that sort of system in Europe these days because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, no vents on such systems are allowed in bedrooms.

    Warm air systems where popular in the 1970's over here but were phased out when the regulations on them was tightened on installations. People tend to go for under floor heating or radiators these days.

    1. That's really interesting, Steve. I had no idea forced air systems weren't allowed in Europe. Some folks here do have under floor heating or radiators here but most have forced air systems. We also tend to have carbon monoxide detectors. Speaking of that, I need to find mine!

    2. They are allowed, but you aren't allowed to have vents in bedrooms any more.

      Our previous home in UK had blowair central heating. But a previous owner had replaced it with wet radiators and a conventional boiler which we updated a few years ago. But they left all the trunking in place around the house... useful when looking for a way of getting cables around the house!

      They were popular because they are very quick to heat up rooms, but I found them not so good because they seem to spread dust around a house!

      Our current house is heated by oil and radiators but a lot of modern houses use underfloor central heating with solar and heat pumps to generate the energy needed to heat the water to circulate under the floors