Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bungalow: Odds & Ends

We have a furnace!  And it was finished in the nick of time because the nights are definitely getting cooler.  It is November, after all.

The only thing left on the furnace project is to cut a vent in Calvin's room and put a vent in the bathroom. Unfortunately, we won't be able to put a vent in the bathroom until we remodel that room.  I believe the bathroom is the first room that will be remodeled once David finishes a few outside projects.

We've (by we I mean David) been working on some odds and ends for the past couple of weeks.  Take a look:

BLINDS IN THE OFFICE.  I'm not a fan of blinds but sometimes they're your best option and that was the case in the office.  These blinds are the wider plantation blinds which are a lot easier to take care of than the plastic mini blinds or aluminum blinds.  They work very well in this tiny room.

COMPOST BIN.  David built a compost bin which you can see here.  We also have a counter top composting can in the kitchen.

DECK.  He's starting work on a deck off the back of the house.  He purchased the wood and is ready to go.  It may seem like bad timing to build a deck now but it's the first chance he's had plus it will make it easier to get from the back door over to the garage.

PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL TO THE GARAGE.  The garage already had electricity but it wasn't adequate for using the garage as a shop, too.  So he took care of that problem.  Plus he ran more plumbing so he could add a couple of outdoor water faucets to make it easier to water the garden. See that pipe on the ground?  That's one part of this process.

GARAGE DOOR OPENERS.  He's been working on installing the garage door openers when he has a chance.  Unfortunately, it's not a matter of just sticking them in.  He has to do some modifications to make them work.  Nothing's ever easy!

GARDEN:  David tilled an area for his garden.  He decided to put it in the front side yard.  You can kind of see it over by the fence.

CURTAINS IN THE KITCHEN:  We've been without curtains in the kitchen since we moved here and it was fine.  But once daylight savings time kicked in, I wasn't okay with it anymore.  After it gets dark, it looked creepy in there.  So we got these back tab curtains at Lowe's.  We purchased six panels but ended up only using four.  When you have the curtains open, four panels looks perfect.  Six was too much.  When they're closed, the panels are pretty flat and barely cover the windows but I think I can live with that.  I have the extra two in case I decided to put them back up.

We also have a window over the kitchen sink but we decided to put a roller shade on it.

KITCHEN LIGHT:  This is the old fixture.

This is the new one:

IVY'S LIGHT FIXTURE:  We wanted a pretty chandelier for Ivy's room and found this one which is just perfect:

See - David hasn't been busy at all!  He just knocked out about 15 small projects in the last couple of weeks!

This week's to-do list includes:
1.  Hang new light fixture in dining room (requires moving existing wiring to new location);
2.  Hang new light fixture over kitchen table (requires moving existing wiring to new location);
3.  Cut a furnace vent in Calvin's room;
4.  Finish dry wall on inside wall of office;
5.  Build deck.

I'll keep you posted on his progress.