Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lucy at 14 months - Still Horrible!

It's hard to believe, but Lucy, my chocolate lab, is 14 months old.  And it's been fourteen LONG months!  The sweet looking little puppy I got October 2015 turned out to be the most horrible puppy that ever lived - except for maybe Marley of Marley and Me.

Remember how sweet she looked?

But she wasn't sweet.  She was a terror.

I wish I could say she's turning into a great dog and the last fourteen months have been worth it, but I'm not there yet.  Neither is she.  She's made some improvements but she's still not the good dog I'm hoping for.

Here's a glimpse of her life.

Playing with her tire.
She was trying to get into the office - and succeeding.  Every time I turn my back, she sneaks around the corner and grabs something off the filing cabinet.  No matter how far back I push the papers, she still manages to get them.  Earlier I just cleaned everything off.  Hopefully that will work!

I love these windows but I hate that she can look in.  I feel so guilty.  When I eat my lunch, I go in the dining room and sit with my back to her so I don't have to look at that face.  If you're thinking I should just let her in, that's a bad idea if I want to eat my lunch in peace.  

She likes lying on her back with her feet up.

Despite being on a leash most of the time when she's in the house, she still manages to get places she's not supposed to be - like in the chair.

Waiting for me to let her in.

Her very large kennel.  We keep it in Ivy's room at Ivy's request.  Lucy has a very nice mat but she usually keeps it wadded up int he corner.  

Her favorite toy.

Her toy collection.

Her water bucket - see it in the corner?  We have to keep it screwed to the fence or she dumps it.  As it is, she doesn't actually drink the water - she bathes it in.  

Lucy and her friend, Kimbo.  Lucy looks pretty vicious in this picture but she's  not at all.  She and Kimbo like to chew on each other.  
So Lucy's still not awesome but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get there eventually.  At this point I have too much time and money invested in her to give up.  And I really believe she'll turn into a great dog.  I think.  I'm pretty sure.  Most likely.  Right??????

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