Friday, November 18, 2016

Lucy at 14 Months - WHY she's still horrible!

After I wrote the last post about Lucy and how horrible she still was, I realized that I really didn't give too many details about what makes her horrible.  So that's the plan for today.  This could be a really, really, really long post but I'm going to just hit the highlights.

She steals.  The toy she's playing with in the pictures below does NOT belong to her.  It belongs to her friend, Kimbo, who lives next door.  I don't know if he gave it to her or she poked her head through the fence and stole it.  But the bottom line is that his toys keep ending up in our yard.

She digs.  There are holes all over the yard!  In her defense, some of them are the result of her trying to catch the mole.  There are holes all along the fence line where she's trying to either escape or let Kimbo come over.  She's also wearing a path along the fence line where she and Kimbo run.

She actually dug up the old fence post and there's a really deep hole next to it.

When she's inside, she has to stay on her leash because she won't leave anything alone.  She gets trash, socks, towels, pillows, tupperware, plants, etc.

I normally have a trash can and a bucket here but she won't leave either of them alone so when I let her loose in the kitchen (trapped with a baby gate), I have to move them into Calvin's room and shut the door.

When she's in the kitchen with me, she steals tupperware.  It's bad enough that I have to wash it (I don't have a dishwasher), but I have to chase her to get it.  If I don't chase her, she chews it.  Usually I put my cooling racks on top of the tupperware so she can't get to it.

I got this nice plant to put on the center of my dining room table but she won't leave it alone.  She's done SO much damage to it that if you move it, a bunch of the flowers fall out.  You can see a little of the damage in the photo below.  She's knocked the whole thing on the floor several times.  I can't believe it hasn't broken.

She kept stealing gross things out of the bathroom trash can so I got this covered can.  She can still get stuff but it takes her longer which gives me more time to stop her.

She is a slob when she drinks water.  We had to screw her water bucket to the fence or she would dump it and carry it off.  And she doesn't drink like a normal dog - she bathes in it!  I joke that she absorbs water through her skin rather than down her throat.

A brief moment where she was drinking like a normal dog.  Of course, she had her toy in the water, too.


And the trail of water.  It's like none of it goes down her throat.
In addition:

  • She steals papers out of my office.
  • She barks in my face when she wants to go out or wants me to pay attention to her. And her bark is LOUD!
  • It takes two of us to clip her toenails and it's still really hard.
  • She steals the grandkids' toys every chance she gets.
  • She's SO hyper! She doesn't let you pet her.  If you try, she thinks you're playing and either goes for a toy or bites at your hands (not mean).  She isn't cuddly or affectionate at all.
  • She has terrible gas.  I mean, TERRIBLE.  
  • She won't go willingly into her kennel unless it's bedtime.  I have to drop pieces of cheese in a path to the kennel in order to get her in there.  If I try to grab her collar and pull her, she turns into a dog of stone and won't be moved.
  • She doesn't obey or listen most of the time.
Since I still have her, she must have some redeeming qualities so I'll end with those:
  • She's good with the grandkids.
  • She's entertaining.
  • She's turning into a good watch dog.
  • She's been potty trained for a long time.
  • She sleeps well during the night and doesn't want out too early.
  • She eats well.
  • She's pretty.
  • She's a great retriever and runner.
  • She's starting to act like she likes me.  David says she's just so hyper she can't stop to show any affection.
So there you go.  Those are the reasons she's still horrible.  One or two of those things wouldn't be so bad but she has all of them all the time!!!

But I'm still holding out hope that she'll turn into a good dog.  Eventually.  Hopefully.  


  1. At 14 months have you considered some dog training classes for Lucy? We had a German Shepherd when we were first married that had lived outside in a herd of over 10 puppies for the first 11 months of her life. She had no idea of how to behave in the house till we took her to obedience classes. Those classes made the difference between night and day for us. After much training and practice we even entered her in obedience dog meets. This was before we had children and had much time to dote on the dog.

    1. I actually have been thinking about that. I took her to puppy school when she was about five months but she was AWFUL. I went about three sessions and then dropped out. I've thought about trying again but haven't made any decisions yet.

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  2. Hi Patty. She could be extremely bored (even though I'm sure you walk & play with her every day), otherwise you would probably need a professional/modern trainer that uses positive rewards, etc. to work it all out. She is probably a really beautiful dog & well behaved if only you could work out why she is doing these things. We've had at 2-3 dogs (now just one) all our lives & all fitted in / behaved very well, but there was one that didn't. We gave her away to someone at the local dog training ground & she fits in perfectly with them. Don't know what we were doing wrong, but I am sure you can find someone who can help you to understand her & through understanding, you will be able to have a loving & well behaved dog. The trick is to finding an understanding/intelligent trainer, but it will be worth it. Good luck, Paul